Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I download GiftLog?

For Apple devices GiftLog can be downloaded from the App Store via this link: GiftLog on the App Store

For Android devices GiftLog can be downlaoded from Google Play via this link: GiftLog on Google Play

Why do I have to register/sign up to use the GiftLog app?

GiftLog uses a cloud based database to store all the data and it’s not possible to use it locally – ie, on your device without signing in. This actually makes it easier for you as you can access your data at any time and from any device with GiftLog on it. Even if you change or lose your phone, your data will still be there.

Why does the GiftLog app need access to my device camera, photo’s and contacts?

When you add a gift or event in GiftLog you can take photos’s of it, which is why it needs access to your camera and photo’s. When you add gifts you add a contact to that gift, so you know who gave it to you or who you’re giving it to, which is why GiftLog needs access to your Contacts. You can also add Contacts manually – e.g. friends of young children can be added directly into the app instead of being imported from your contacts.

Can I use GiftLog if my phone is not connected to the Internet?

As GiftLog saves all your data on the cloud it is not possible to use it if you’re not connected to the Internet. However, this is something we’re looking into for future releases.

Can anyone else see my gift data?

No, your gift data can only be seen by you. The data you enter is saved on the cloud, which is encrypted. We cannot see anything you enter into GiftLog and neither can any other users.

How can I advertise in the GiftLog Gift Idea’s Directory?

If your business is gift related we can certainly add you to our directory. Please contact us with your business name and contact details and we will be in touch to discuss it soon.

How do I add Contacts into GiftLog?

To add Contacts go to the Contacts section and tap the “+” towards the bottom of the screen. Then select whether you want to add contacts from your device or add them manually. To add contacts from your device select that option and it’ll bring up all the contacts on your phone/tablet. Select all the contacts you want to add into GiftLog and then tap on the tick in the top right hand corner. This will add those contacts into GiftLog.

You can also add contacts manually – tap on Contacts and tap on the “+”. Select “Add Contacts Manually” and you’ll be able to add the details for the contact. If you don’t want to enter all the details (like phone number, email address etc) then you can just enter their first name. When you’re done, tap on the tick in the top right hand corner of the screen to save.

Will Contacts I add manually by copied onto my device?

No, they won’t. The Contacts in GiftLog are separate from Contacts on your device. You can copy Contacts from your device to GiftLog, but not the other way around.

Why don’t Contacts from my device appear automatically into GiftLog and vice-versa?

We’ve designed GiftLog to have a Contacts section that’s separate from your device Contacts. This is because you may have a lot of contacts on your device that you won’t need in GiftLog (e.g. it’s unlikely you’ll be exchanging gifts with your plumber or local takeaway) and also, you may receive gifts from people that you don’t have, and don’t necessarily want, in your phone/tablet contacts – such as for children’s birthday parties – you may not have every child’s parents on your phone and you may want to just log the gift under the child’s name. GiftLog Contacts allows you to add them into GiftLog and add gifts against them without the contact copying back onto your device.

If I delete a Contact does that delete any gifts I’ve associated them with?

No, it doesn’t. The gift will remain in GiftLog but there won’t be a contact associated with it so you won’t know who gave it to you / who you gave it to.

The Gift Idea’s directory only has UK businesses. I’m based in another country.

We’re soon going to be expanding our network and hope to be able to bring you gift selections from your area. The businesses in our directory may also be able to ship to you.

Please Contact Us with your name, email address and the country you’re located in and we can send you some details of gift providers in your area and also look at adding them into the directory sooner.